Help Me Choose - The Scent Map


Help Me Choose - The Scent Map

Select your fragrance family below to find perfumes that speak to your sensibilities. Click on the scent name to be taken to that section.


Orange Cream - creamy citrus and florals

Vanilla Citron - delicate tea with vanilla and citron


Blushing Beauty - spring florals

Little Black Dress - woody floral

Bottom's Dream - fruity floral

Moon Valley - peach-iris floral with woods

Mermaid's Carnation - clean, light, woody floral with a bit of spice

Pro Fond - white floral with a savory base

Sibylline - roses in a garden


For the Love of Bees - honeyed green floral


Malanj - spicy woody

Autumn Spice spicy woody

Time Lord - amber, roots, resins, white floral, hint of spice

Come to Me - floriental

Hokkabaz - ancient spices and dry woods

Patchouli Creme - slightly sweet earthy cream


Dreams of Smoke - woody oriental


Lumberjack Man - woody aromatic

Audax Fortes - leather woody


Orange Chocolate Roses - Jan. 15 - Feb. 28 - floral gourmand

Christmas and Cookies - from Nov. 27-Dec. 31 - oriental vanilla

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