Orange Chocolate Roses Parfum Extrait


Orange Chocolate Roses Parfum Extrait

Sexual chocolate; pure and simple. You wear it because you love a scent that’s sexy, yet playful and warm.

At first sniff, Orange Chocolate Roses seems deceptively simple, but it has a complexity rarely achieved by fragrances of its type. While it contains gourmand notes, it is not a traditional gourmand fragrance.

The various orange notes combine beautifully with the amalgam of notes that form chocolate to create a sexiness that cannot otherwise be achieved. The addition of roses and gardenia add soft femininity, while bitter almond and ylang ylang create a delicious gourmand backdrop.

As the scent melds with warm skin, it takes you on a sensual journey to a place where love conquers all. Orange Chocolate Roses is the perfect scent for Valentine’s Day, and any other day when romance is on the menu.

Notes: Labdanum, ambergris, benzoin, cocoa nibs, gardenia enfleurage, rose, orange flower, ylang ylang, bois de rose, bitter almond, blood orange, mandarin.

Orange Chocolate Roses will come in a teardrop shaped glass bottle, with a glass stopper applicator. This bottle holds 1/3 oz of perfume. Orange Chocolate Roses arrives in our signature black gift box. Perfect for yourself or for a gift for someone special!
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