Time Lord Natural Eau de Parfum Spray


Time Lord Natural Eau de Parfum Spray

A voyage for the senses; resinous and ambery, but spicy, peppery and bright. You wear it because you love scents that don’t smell like anything else you wear.

Time Lord is a scent that will remind you of places you’ve traveled, making you long to see them again. If you’re someone whose idea of the perfect vacation consists of wandering around the grand cities of Europe, ducking in and out of museums, galleries, and cafés, Time Lord is a scent you’ll want to envelop yourself in.

This composition is a bit different from others in that the heaviness of the amber and resins is present at the beginning. As it becomes one with your skin, Time Lord will grow spicier, thanks to the pink pepper and florals, eventually becoming fresher, and a bit green, with the emergence of calming chamomile.

Time Lord will make you want to pore over travel Web sites, looking for that intriguing destination you haven’t yet experienced.

Notes: Amber, roots, resins, white florals, pink pepper, fir, cape chamomile.

Time Lord Natural Perfume comes in a familiar blue bottle. This perfume bottle holds 5ml of scented journeys. Your perfume will come gift wrapped. This is an Eau de Parfum concentration.

TARDIS ❦NOT❦ included

Happy Customer Comment:

"My hubby likes it so much hes letting me get the large one for valentines day :) He hates most perfume too, so awesome that I have a smell good he likes :)"
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