Audax Fortes Leather EdC 1oz Spray


Audax Fortes Leather EdC 1oz Spray

The scent of a wood-paneled library, populated with antique volumes, leather club chairs, perfectly aged cigars, and brandy. Men and women alike are equally comfortable in these surroundings, as well as in this scent.

Audax Fortes can be interpreted as irrepressibly masculine, but in the world of perfumery, it is genderless. Leather has long been used to add sexiness to fragrance compositions, for both men and women. Here, we have leather combined with castoreum, civet and tobacco – the masculine – alongside pink pepper, which adds a spicy, feminine freshness.

Audax Fortes is a scent to wear when you’re reading a book in front of the fire, accompanied by the softest blanket, and a cup of robust black tea. It brings warmth and comfort to the coldest winter days, as well as an appealing presence to intimate gatherings.

Notes: Leather accord, castoreum, civet, hops, tobacco, pink pepper, labdanum, clove, vetiver, patchouli, muhuhu, guaicwood.

This cologne is at Eau de Cologne concentration, and comes in a 1oz in glass spray bottle.
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