Hokkabaz Natural Botanical Perfume Sample - Limited Edition


Hokkabaz Natural Botanical Perfume Sample - Limited Edition

An ode to the mysteries of the ancient world. You wear it because you find beauty things that are challenging, unique, and enigmatic.

Hokkabaz is an ode to a scent created during the time period after the discovery of the remains of the Egyptian king Tutankhamun. It was the early part of the 20th century, and the world developed an unquenchable fascination with ancient Egyptian culture and its artifacts.

Hokkabaz is a creation that is not for everyone. Its stormy opening of vetiver, oakmoss and embalming spices are reminiscent of a violent dust storm that settles into a glorious aftermath. Rose, patchouli, orris, sandalwood, and the subtle sweetness of vanilla remain to provide a bewitching trail, with just a hint of clove to sustain the mystery.

It is recommended that those interested in Hokkbaz try a sample before purchasing a larger amount. It is a limited edition scent, produced in very small batches.

Notes: Rose, vetiver, oakmoss, leather accord, civet, patchouli, antique mysore sandalwood, clove, vanilla, orris, calamus, embalming spices accord.

This perfume is an 50% extrait parfum. This perfume is a limited edition.

- Each natural perfume sample comes in a 0.6 x 0.75 in. vial with a 1 ml sample. See third picture for scale.

- This is a TINY sample meant to give you a chance to try out the fragrance to make an informed decision on a larger purchase.
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