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Each perfume is handmade, by me, after payment is received.

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All international customs are the responsibility of the buyer, just like any other form of sales tax. The cost will vary by value and location, so it's also your responsibility to research and be aware of what to expect.

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I do my best to make sure that I source the highest quality, raw perfumery materials.
My perfumes are made by blending pure essential oils and absolutes (derived from plants, flowers and resins, not synthetic fragrance oils) in a base of alcohol or jojoba.

There are many flowers that are expensive to convert into a perfume making botanical. For example: 8000 individual blossoms of Jasmine(carefully hand picked) are required to produce one gram (approx one ml) of absolute. No bruised flowers may be used for extraction, since their aroma is ruined by bruising or mishandling.


In case of a possible plant allergy, do a small patch test first. Perfumes are 100% natural - there are absolutely no synthetics, and they are preserved naturally. Shelf life of perfumes if properly stored will last many years, even improving with age.


About perfume notes and judging a natural perfume:
All natural perfumes are individual for the wearer. They should not be judged too quickly or straight from the bottle, but worn on the skin. Most perfumes go through three stages called the top, middle and base notes.

Top notes are what you smell when you first apply or smell fragrance; generally they won't last very long. Some examples of top notes are: bergamot, rosewood, chamomiles, or lavender.

The "heart" or middle note compounds the main body of a perfume. An example of some heart notes are: jasmine, rose, cinnamon, or ylang ylang.

The base notes are fixatives to help hold the strength of the perfume and add depth. They take the longest time to evaporate. Examples of base notes include: patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, or vanilla.


Wholesale is welcome, please message me.